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Punchbowl TAS 7249
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Punchbowl Primary School - Term 4, 2019 - 1st November

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Punchbowl Primary School - Term 4, 2019 - 1st November

1st November Student Free Day (Professional Learning Day for Staff)
4th November Recreation Day Public Holiday
6th November 7pm School Association Meeting
10th November

Esk Band Rehearsals @ Launceston College

9am - 10:30am (1st year Players - Red Band)

1:15pm - 4pm  (Continuing Players - Yellow & Rainbow Bands)

11th November SLB to Remenbrance Day service at Launceston Cenotaph
12th November 1/2 Dunn, 1/2 Cameron & 2 Stagoll excursion to Trevallyn Dam & Gorge
13th November 3 Wells/Hartley, 3/4 Johnstone, 4 MCCarragher & 4/5 Shephard/Peachey to Big Bash Cricket Clinic @ Invermay Park
15th November 4/5 Shephard/Peachey & P/1 Baker/Peachey walking to Punchbowl Reserve
17th November

Esk Band Rehearsals @ Launceston College

9am - 10:30am (1st year Players - Red Band)

1:15pm - 4pm  (Continuing Players - Yellow & Rainbow Bands)

19th November 2pm Assembly - P/1 Millen (5/6 Bodell & 1/2 Dunn sharing)
20th November Gr 3-6 Swimming Carnival @ Riverside Swimming Centre
22nd November Esk Band Rehearsal @ Albert Hall & Evening Extravaganza Performance
24th November 2:15pm - 3:15pm Dance Fever Rehearsal @ Launceston College
26th November 4:15pm - 4:45pm Dance Fever Rehearsal @ Door of Hope
27th November Gr 6 Orientation Day @ High Schools
27th November 6pm KHMS Parent Information Session & Tour
28th November Schools Triathlon Challenge in Devonport
28th November 12:30pm and 7pm Dance Fever Performance @ Door of Hope
29th November Gr 5-6 LSSSA Swimming Carnival @ Riverside Swimming Centre
2nd December 2 Stagoll & 3 Wells/Hartley to Twist performance @ Earl Arts Centre
3rd December 3/4 Johnstone & 4 McCarragher to Twist performance @ Earl Arts Centre
3rd December P/1 & 1/2 classes to Second Star to the Right performance @ Princess Theatre & Heritage Forest
4th - 6th December Gr 2 Water Orientation Program @ Glen Dhu Pool
4th December 7pm School Association Meeting
9th December 4/5 Shephard/Peachey, 5/6 Sutton/Piper, 5/6 Bodell & 5/6 Frerk/Bent to Pinocchio performance @ Earl Arts Centre
10th December 6pm Celebration Evening @ Punchbowl Christian Centre 
12th December Gr 3-6 End of Year Picnic @ Riverside Swimming Centre
13th December End of Year Reports go home
16th December 6pm Gr 6 Leavers Dinner @ Launceston Golf Club
19th December

9:30am Assembly - Student Executive 

19th December

Student's Last Day for Year



Dear Parents and Carers,

It is hard to believe that we are heading into week 4.  This term is extremely busy as we prepare for major events and end of year functions such as our Grade 6 Leavers Dinner and Celebration Evening along with planning for 2020.

As the year comes to an end the excitement builds for our Grade 6 leavers. Along with this we find we need to review our expectations and reinforce our value of respect.  As a staff, we have been discussing this and developing a clear understanding of what we all value about the respect at Punchbowl Primary School. We have decided to concentrate on three main elements for the remainder of the year. 

Speaking respectfully to adults (no back chatting)

  • Listen to the teacher first
  • Follow fair and reasonable instructions
  • Be an active listener
  • Accept decisions, thinking about others points of view
  • Show empathy and remorse
  • Take responsibility for your behaviour

Be respectful with materials

  • Return equipment
  • Use equipment as intended
  • Not damage school or others personal things
  • Clean up their own mess
  • Ask the teacher/ or peers permission before using something that doesn’t belong to them

Listen respectfully (no talking over others or out of turn)

  • Put their hand up if they want to talk
  • Let others finish
  • Actively listen to someone else speaking before responding
  • Make eye contact with the speaker
  • Allow others time to think before adding to the conversation
  • Understand that some people need more ‘think time’

All teachers will be highlighting the value of respect and encouraging students to uphold this value at school.

Basketball Weekends

Over the last two weekends we have had Grade 3/4 and 5/6 teams representing our school in the Primary Schools Basketball Tournament. I was able to watch a few of the games last weekend and it was so great to see our students try their absolute hardest.  A big thank you to Mrs Dean for her organisation and coaching along with the many parents who took the time to manage and coach teams along with our active and vocal supporters. 


There will be some changes to the costings with regard to Esk Band for 2020 and we will be sending a letter home with all previous Esk Band participants and all students in Year 2 to 5 to gauge interest and our future capacity to offer this option at our school.  Esk Band has been a wonderful experience for students who have chosen to participate; children have learnt to play woodwind, brass and percussion instruments.  On a Tuesday morning tutors come to our school to teach small groups of instrumental sections.  The tunes that float through our corridors on a Tuesday morning are a delight to listen too. I would encourage anyone interested in continuing or joining to please read the Esk Band letter sent home which details the costs and program offered.


All state schools in the North have a Professional Learning Day allocated to them on Friday, 1st November. Our teachers will be working on our school’s Strategic Plan and participating in professional learning on our clusters new instructional model.  The following Monday, 4th November is a Public Holiday, so we look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Tuesday, 5th November. 



We are noticing that a number of children are arriving at school very early and often before the school is open (8:30am).  All school doors are not unlocked until this time and students should not be on the grounds without a parent or carer to supervise them.  Teachers are working in their rooms before this time and as such there is no duty of care for children prior to 8:30am. 

Liz O'Donahue - Principal

Congratulations to Grayson, Caitlin and Jack who last week were recognised for their achievement and values of aspiration and growth.

  • Aspiration and Achievement - a culture of high expectations and high achievement
  • Growth - improving by always learning and finding better ways to do things


Students attend school between the below dates in 2020

Term 1 - 5th February to 8th April

Term 2 - 27th April to 3rd July

Term 3 - 21st July to 25th September

Term 4 - 12th October to 17th December

Student Free Days

Tuesday, 4th February

Thursday, 9th April

Monday, 20th July

Friday, 30th October

Easter Break

10th April to 14th April

If your child is turning 5 in 2020 or you know of someone who is, they are eligible to start Kindergarten in 2020.   Shortly, we will be organising our Term 4 Pre-Kindergarten sessions for children who have enrolled & completed the required enrolment form.  Only children who have returned Enrolment Forms are invited to attend these sessions. If you haven’t yet completed an Enrolment Form, they are available from our school office. 

The Department of Education also require us to be provided with original or certified copies of evidence of the following, as soon as possible so your child can attend these sessions

  1. The student’s identity – Birth certificate or Passport
  2. The identity of the enrolling parent/guardian – Drivers Licence
  3. The students residential address – lease agreement, telephone, utility account
  4. Immunisation records

(from Assembly 29th October 2019)

P-1 Millen Zac D, Cilla M, Bonnie K, Oliver H
P-1 Lockwood Braelyn B, Samara H, Mohammed H
P-1 Baker/Peachey Hamish M, Addison R
1-2 Dunn Charles R, Jorja B, Oliver Q
1-2 Cameron Gus K, Esther K, Ruby S
2 Stagoll Bella A, Flynn C, Jessica C
3 Wells Rydan O, Darcy M, Hadi H
3-4 Johnstone Ruby S, Matilda W, Grayson E, Amity T
4 McCarragher Aya C, Adelaide L, Bella B, Flynn M
4-5 Shephard/Peachey Jade B, Hamish L, Euan W
5-6 Sutton/Piper Noah R, Eva B, Isabella A, Sofia A
5-6 Bodell Poppy W, Chelsea M
5-6 Frerk/Bent Oliver F, Mirabella L



Aussie of the Month for September - Eva B & Isabella A

For excelling at being the "Best Me I Can Be"


by demonstrating excellent leadership and support as a literacy leader in helping students and teachers in our school.



Aussie of the Month for October - Millie S 

For excelling at being the "Best Me I Can Be"



by demonstrating a ‘have a go’ attitude, challenging yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and being a great team player!

Punchbowl Primary School has a strong tradition of entering teams into the Primary Schools basketball tournament, this is held annually over two weekends. Once again, Punchbowl had great representation in both the Grade 3-4 and Grade 5-6 tournaments with eight teams entered across the divisions. Our students represented Punchbowl with pride showing resilience, perseverance and wonderful sportsmanship. All teams performed exceptionally well showing great improvement across the tournament, especially those players who were having their first taste of basketball. Special accolades to our Grade 3-4 Boys Division 1 team who came runners up in the championship and to our Grade 3-4 Girls Division 1 team who won their grand final after an unbeaten run. These teams will represent Punchbowl at the State Championships against the top school teams from across the state. This is a wonderful achievement for a small school! A huge thank you to Stuart Gray, Adrian Dean, Sarah Dunn, Tua Agaiava, Jeremy Hollister, Matthew McGee & Lauren Taylor for volunteering their time to train and coach teams. A big thank you to our team managers who assisted coaches and players, Leah Chandler, Fiona Bye, Louise Padgett, Nardia Gray and Karen Bellchambers, we certainly appreciate your time.

Esk_Band_1.png   Esk_Band_2.png    Esk_Band_3.png   Esk_Band_4.png

Sunday, 10th November

9:00am - 10:30am - 1st year Players (Red Band)

1:15pm - 4:00pm - Continuing Players (Yellow & Rainbow Bands)

Sunday, 17th November

9:00am - 10:30am

1:15pm - 4:00pm - Continuing Players (Yellow and Rainbow Bands)

Rehearsal Venue

Launceston College Music Centre Band Room

Entrance opposite Bathurst Street Car Park in Brisbane Street


Icy Pole sales for Kindergarten to Grade 6 students will be every Thursday during this term.

Lemonade Icy Poles    $1.00

Peters Frosty Fruits     $1.20

School Association Meetings

All meetings commence at 7pm on a Wednesday evening in the school staffroom. All welcome to attend!
Please see below meetings dates for the remainder of the year:
6th November
4th December

Friday November 8th

Basketball vs Mowbray @ Punchbowl

Baskbetball Dev vs Norwood 2 @ Norwood

Touch Football vs St Leonards @ St Leonards

Speedball 1 vs East Launceston @ Punchbowl

Speedball 2 vs Norwood 1 @ Norwood

Friday November 15th

Basketball vs East Launceston 2 @ East Launceston

Baskbetball Dev vs Ravenswood @ Punchbowl

Touch Football vs Invermay @ Punchbowl

Speedball 1 vs East Tamar @ East Tamar

Speedball 2 vs Norwood 2 @ Punchbowl

Students who are intending to play spring/summer sport may wish to take advantage of this opportunity.

The Ticket To Play initiative provides students whose parents/guardians/carers have a Centrelink Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card with a voucher of up to $100 to pay for registration/membership of an approved activity provider/sports club.




New Entertainment Memberships that our supporters know and love, will only be available via our App from next season onward. This means that Entertainment will no longer print the iconic Entertainment Book next year. However, our supporters will be able to keep using their current Book offers right up until 1 June 2020!

3 New memberships will be available from the 18th November 2019 more information to follow


See the COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD situated in the walkway outside P-1A Millen classroom for all upcoming community events


Piano lessons

Piano lessons available on Monday from 4.00pm-6.30pm and weekend from 10.00am-4.00pm. $30/30 min with the first trial free lesson.

I teach students of all ages starting from 4 years old. I also have an upright Piano at my house specifically for teaching. I have been teaching Piano for 17 years in studios, International schools and privately. Students will be able to learn performance skills, theory and aural training at the same time.

All lessons are designed to be fun and motivating for students to instil a love of music which can lead them to success. Please do not hesitate to contact me for the first trial lesson free.

Please contact 0477 665 951